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New Album " The Gift of Anxiety" OUT NOW
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Sylvium LIVE 11/01/2014 Utrecht (NL) Tickets and info Here

Sylvium is characterised by rock and ambient oriented songs that show uncompromising character but are still accessible for a broader audience.
The band prefers not to be limited by labels like symphonic rock or progressive metal but strive to create their own sound by being versatile.
The most important thing is that they use the technique that is at hand to get the maximum sound experience.
Sylvium was founded in 2010 by Ben van Gastel. His passion to create music in a self willed way with a distinctive character made it possible to create something new.
The first album, Purified was recorded independently and released early 2012.
'Purified' is an instrumental concept that, thanks to online distribution, has been able to rapidly reach many music lovers.

After the successful release of 'Purified' the band was selected to record a max 10 minutes of music for the
Dutch Exposure Album .
The 9m14s track 'True Images' was recorded by Ben with the help of pianist Janroel Koppen. The track was mastered by Frank Gingeleit (Living Tunes Mastering) which gave it a distinct krautrock sound and feel.
The track was welcomed again by the fans and Sylvium was chosen as a finalist for Dutch Exposure.

During the spring of 2013 Sylvium transformed into a live band after Gijs Koopman (bass guitar), Greg Geurtsen (drums)and Richard de Geest (Vocals, Guitar) entered the band.
The band recorded their first full length album 'The Gift Of Anxiety' in the first half of 2013. This album contains 6 tracks based around the theme Anxiety.

"The Gift of Anxiety" OUT NOW at Freia Music

Line up 2013

Ben van Gastel : Guitars, Keyboards
Gijs Koopman: Bass-guitars, Bass pedals
Greg Geurtsen: Drums
Richard de Geest: Vocals, Guitar
Antal Nusselder : Keyboards
Janroel Koppen: Piano

© Sylvium 2013 all rights reserved
New Album

New Album The Gift of Anxiety OUT NOW