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A very positive Video Review by Liveprog's Marcel Haster (English)
See it Here

Lady Obscure / Progradar (English) "The Gift of Anxiety is not only a brilliant progressive rock album, it is a brilliant album full stop"
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Clair & Obscure (France) "..an eclecticism of good quality and adventure"
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Video of Weathering online

Our first official video is online
Check it out Here


Sylvium LIVE

Sylvium will perform live as support for HAKEN Friday 4 oct. in Oberhausen

Haken is on tour to promote their fantastic album "The Mountain".
Tickets Here



The first reviews of our new album, and they are positive

Progwereld (Dutch) "In my opinion here is one of the bands to set the future of the Dutch progressive music"
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Ages of Rock (Italian) "the Gift of Anxiety is very promising"
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Musicreviews.de (German) "Sylvium does it right with this debut"
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The Gift of Anxiety OUT NOW

The new album "The Gift of Anxiety" is OUT NOW
You can buy your copy at Freia Music

Trailer of "The Gift of Anxiety" Online

There's a trailer of our new album "The Gift of Anxiety" Online
You can check it out here Enjoy !

Pre-order "The Gift of Anxiety"

Now available for presale, the new album by Sylvium "The Gift of Anxiety"
Until the release on 13 September 2013 you can order the album for only EUR 12,50 at Freia-Music
The album will be released as a unique crosspack CD

Sylvium LIVE at 3th Serious Music Event 13-09-2013

Sylvium is proud to announce that they will perform live together with Galahad (UK) and The Aurora Project (NL) at the 3th Serious Music Event.
This evening we will introduce our new album "The Gift of Anxiety", the album will be available there for the first time

Date: 13-09-2013
Time: 20:00
Location: Parktheater, Alphen a/d Rijn (NL)
Tickets: www.park-villa.nl


New album release 13-09-2013

Sylvium announces their first full length album, entitled "the Gift Of Anxiety".
The album will be released on 13th September 2013 on the FREIA Music label.

Founding member Ben van Gastel (guitars/ keyboards) has teamed up for this album with Gijs Koopman (bass guitar), Greg Geurtsen (drums) and Jan Roel Koppen (piano).
The band will be perfoming live in the same line-up.
The album will contain five instrumental songs. However, Richard de Geest (from Ghost a.o.) will appear as guest vocalist on one track.

The musical style of rock and alternative mixed with ambient music that was first presented on the promising debut EP "Purified" (2012) will return on this album.
Each of the 6 tracks will create it's own meaning of the album theme anxiety.

The album will be released in a luxury cross digipak.

The new album so far..

Hi Guys,

I received many requests for a update about the upcoming Sylvium album, so here we go:

At this moment we are in the middle of the process, thing are going really fine.
The songs are written and some parts are already recorded, the album is still scheduled for release later this year.
The upcoming weeks we will spent some time in the rehearsel room to optimize the groove and concentrate on the drum tracks.
This is also a great opportunity for us to try out the live setting. ( yes.. to perform live :) )

I'm really proud of the new tracks so far, they contain some beautiful soundscapes combined with real heavy stuff.
The contribution of Gijs, Greg and Jr is amazing, working with these great musicians is a real pleasure and a big step forward to a even more progressive Sylvium sound.
Can't say much more at this moment but I promise to let you know when there's any news.

Thank you all for your support, love to hear from you !

Grtz Ben

Sylvium special at Jawdy's basement "The Dutch Threat"

Tomorrow (21/03/13) there is a Sylvium special at Jawdy's basement "The Dutch Treat" (American radio podcast)
with music from our Purified album and some info about the upcoming album.

You can check out jawdysbasement.com for the podcast and more information

Lineup new upcoming Sylvium Album

We are proud to present you the lineup for the new upcoming Sylvium album scheduled for release in the second half of 2013

Ben van Gastel - Guitar, Synths, Samples
Gijs Koopman (Ulysses, Ex- Knight Area, Cliffhanger) - Bass
Greg Geurtsen - Drums.
Jan Roel Koppen - Piano / Keyboard.

With these four great musicians we will continue to develop the progressive instrumental sound already known from our first EP "Purified". The contribution of Gijs Koopman and his unique style combined with the other, will take us to a more progressive foundation.

Bert Treep will continue to create some beautiful images for this piece.(see more of his work here )

Please stay tuned for more upcoming information.

Review of the Dutch Exposure Album at Progwereld (Dutch)

Sylvium - True Images: "Ruim negen minuten genieten van stevige indrukwekkende instrumentale muziek, waarbij zang echt niet nodig is"

Read more..

Dutch Exposure Album with new Sylvium track "True Images"

The new album "Dutch Exposure" contains a exclusive new Sylvium track titled True Images. The album is available at www.Freia-Music.com

From the Freia Music website :

Dutch Exposure Album "An introduction to 8 of the best new Dutch progressive bands.
The quickest and best way to get to know the current Dutch progressive scene was to start a progressive band competition/battle.
With the cooperation of Dutch magazine iO Pages, webzine ProgWereld and promoter Progmotion in total 32 bands entered the competition.
8 bands were selected to record 9m45s of music to deliver a full 70 minute album of Dutch progressive rock. And we have a variety of bands:
Gallico (vintage symfo), Profuna Ocean (contemporary prog), Armed Cloud (male fronted gothic metal),
Sylvium (ambient prog), Trip Trigger (alternative progmetal), Thirteen (female front prog), Incidense (progressive metal) and Summer Breeze Project (neo-progressive rock).

Dutch Exposure comes as a combi pack containing a double album on HQ 180g vinyl plus CD.

Review Purified at Background Magazine

Nice review of the Purified Album at Background Magazine.

"I think this is one of the better Dutch EP prog rock releases of 2012. It's just a pity that it's all over after 21 minutes, but then again: more can also be less. Well done!"

Read more..

Liveprog video review of the Purified Album

Marcel Haster from www.LiveProg.com made a great video review of the Purified Album.

"The Dutch band Sylvium is a truly independent band. Formed by Ben van Gastel and Fred Boks, they bring a remarkable EP called Purified.
This fully instrumental mini album brings some very beatiful music and just shows what these guys can do.
They are working on a full length album, so this is a great appetizer for more of their music."

You can see the video here

Review of our Purified album on Progwereld (Dutch)

"Purified is een instrumentaal album, waarbij de instrumenten voldoende zijn om je mee te voeren in de bijzondere sfeer die wordt gecreeerd zonder daarbij afgeleid te worden door zang.
Het duo is mijn inziens een van de meest belovende nieuwe bands van Nederland.. "

You can read the complete review on www.progwereld.org

Sylvium on Dutch Exposure Project

Sylvium will release an exclusive track on the Dutch Exposure Project.
This means a VINYL (double) album with eight great bands, scheduled for release at 12/12/12
Read more... (Dutch/English)

Purified also available at Blue-Music Kampen (NL)

See www.blue-music.nl for details.

Review of our Purified album in the new iOpages magazine (Dutch).

"Vooral liefhebbers van prog volgens de hedendaagse school, zoals OSI, Porcupine Tree, Riverside en Frames, zullen plezier beleven aan dit minialbum met behoorlijk wat pittige gitaarriffs en van die mooie, breed uitwaaierende toetsen... "

Read the full article here

Purified available at the Labmusic recordstore

Our Purified EP is now available at the Labmusic recordstore.
The Labmusic record store is located in Monnickendam (The Netherlands)

"Al sinds 1996 handelen wij in geluidsdragers. Wij zijn klein begonnen op beurzen en markten, maar zijn inmiddels uitgegroeid tot een van de bekendste, grootste en breedst gesorteerde Nederlandse handelaren voor de verzamelaarsmarkt"

See www.labmusic.nl for details.

Interview at Radio Symfocity (Dutch)

We had a very nice interview with Wim Verweij at Radio Symfocity were we talked about the making of the Purified EP and some of our upcoming projects..

You can listen to (or download) the broadcast here (edition 820 /hour 1) or use this direct link

Review at Maxazine.nl (Dutch)

Purified is in mijn ogen een hele strakke schijf die zeer de moeite waard is. Ook als je geen progfan bent, kun je genieten van de kunsten van deze twee heren. Ik ben er zeker blij mij dat Purified bij mij op de deurmat viel... Mijn oordeel is dan ook gewoon top! (9/10)(Eigen beheer) Read more..

Interview at Progwereld.org (Dutch)

An interview with Ben van Gastel about Sylvium and the Dutch Exposure Project
Read more on Progwereld.org

Purified released

The first mini album Purified from Sylvium is released. Sylvium completed their trilogy with the track Purified Solution. It is really An instrumental experience that emphasizes emotions rather then the eternal quest for a perfect pop song. You can listen to the complete album on this site The mini album is available as digital download on iTunes, Spotify and many other online stores.

A Hardcopy is available at Freia Music
© Sylvium 2013 all rights reserved
New Album

New Album The Gift of Anxiety available 13-09-2013